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Date published: 29/01/2021
Category: News
Tags: Advanced Software-as-a-Service; Cartrack; Boost productivity from Day 1; Fleet Management; Actionable intelligence; Let’s get in touch
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Cartrack Fleet Management

Advanced Software-as-a-Service ensures you have full visibility of your fleet

Actionable data is playing an ever-increasing role in how businesses can become more efficient. In the right format, data can be used to provide actionable intelligence for making enhancements across all departments within a business. This in turn results in improved efficiency, optimised processes and reductions in costs.

An important factor though to interpreting data, is obtaining it in the right format. Cartrack has been the partner of choice for many fleet operators, since our inception in 2004. We provide actionable intelligence from the moment the rubber hits the road, to when the vehicle is switched off at the end of a work period, and everything in between.

Our sophisticated technology and advanced Software-as-a-Service platforms ensure that you have full visibility of your fleet. Available for small, medium and large commercial customers, the Cartrack offering can be tailored to suit every need and display every piece of data necessary to ensure stakeholder synergy. 

Boost productivity from Day 1

With real-time monitoring, active alerts, GPS location services and world-class cost accounting software, Cartrack puts you virtually behind the wheel of every vehicle and in full control of your fleet.

Fleet Management

With over 16 years’ experience in the telematics industry and a solid infrastructure that is constantly being updated, Cartrack is well placed to provide different types of data, from fuel use to temperature sensors, driver behaviour, on-road costs and more. We are able to meet the driving need that fleet owners have for information on their vehicles; information that is easy to access and digest.

And from accessing data, Cartrack is also able to place that information into their hands exactly when they need it. Through our always-on digital platforms, Cartrack subscribers who access our fleet products can do so from the palm of their hand via our mobile app. They can see how fast a vehicle is travelling, check on how many vehicles are on the ground, immobilise a vehicle if necessary, see what’s happening inside the cab via onboard cameras, and even communicate with their workforce while on the road.

We understand how important it is that you know

World-class technology provides round-the-clock visibility of your vehicles, from anywhere in the world.  Driver ID and Start Inhibit ensure that only authorized drivers get behind the wheel of your vehicle  Vehicle and driver performance is measured and recorded giving you access to data that helps you reduce costs

For fleet owners, this information is a valuable commodity in an economy that calls for a thrifty outlook. Knowing where expenses are being incurred - through speeding, excessive idling or wear and tear through bad driving habits and putting measures in place to reduce these can bring about positive changes to the bottom line, as well as to the workforce. It could also result in a whopping 15-20% cost savings for fleet operations per annum.

Actionable intelligence
You can use Cartrack actionable intelligence to introduce and drive incentive-based reward programmes and driving skills development, that not only benefits your company, but your people as well.

Powered by Cartrack, our Service-as-a-Software platforms helps you to understand vehicle running costs, reduce administrative tasks and ensure communication between you and your workforce. Our vertically integrated platforms are completely customizable to provide fleet owners and managers with the data they need to ensure optimal performance of every driver and vehicle.

Let’s get in touch

Our highly effective and efficient enterprise software developed specifically to manage fleet costs, so chat to one of our world-class specialists to find out exactly how Cartrack can help you stay at the top of your game.