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Thami Masemola
Date published: 23/11/2020
Category: Reviews
Tags: Mercedes-Benz; Actros; Mercedes-Benz Actros
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Mercedes-Benz Actros updates

Some updates and upgrades have been made to the reigning 2020 International Truck of the Year, the Mercedes-Benz Actros range. Launched in South Africa about two years ago, the Actros now comes with over 60 new technological features and advancements. All of them would be available to view from the product brochure, so we will name only a handful. These include:

• Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC): it uses accurate digital road maps that contain data on topography, which means the truck knows the road and route profile ahead. This allows the new Actros to employ an anticipatory driving style, saving as much fuel as possible and ensuring optimal driver support.

• The MirrorCam: for the first time in a mass-produced truck, the MirrorCam replaces the conventional main and wide-angle mirror with a camera system. The MirrorCam improves safety and manoeuvrability.

• Active Brake Assist 5: The new Active Brake Assist 5 affords greater safety for pedestrians. Active Brake Assist 5 is now capable of carrying out emergency braking when encountering pedestrians crossing its path, approaching from the front or walking across. If Active Brake Assist 5 detects a risk of collision with a vehicle travelling ahead, a stationary obstacle or a moving pedestrian, the driver is alerted of the danger by a 3-stage escalating warning system.