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The Concept of now welcomes to the family, which through our extensive experience through seeks to help you find the ideal Agric, Plant & Industrial, Truck, Yellow Metal Machinery and Equipment as well as Commercial Trailers.

The concept behind, which started in 2000, is based around convenience. This is why we have our tag line “Imagine if the car you wanted came looking for you!”. Every service that we have to offer is based around convenience and this has been our secret to our success. One thing that we did realize is that, if used correctly, the Internet would serve as a very powerful tool with regard to making things happen a lot quicker and with more convenience.

Buying a vehicle can be a tedious and time-consuming affair, starting from locating the vehicle, the procurement of the vehicle and then driving the vehicle off the showroom floor. is committed to making the first two steps a lot easier and simpler than what currently happens in the traditional world. We unfortunately cannot assist you in the third step as this is a privileged moment all car owners look forward to - My first drive in my new car. We do believe that by simplifying the first two steps you will appreciate the third step more.

Over the years the team have built on the user experience making it quick, simple and more efficient to buy or sell new and used vehicles online, and with only a few clicks a car buyer has the opportunity of comparing as many vehicles as they like! Stacking up new and used vehicles against each other comparing brand, model, price, year, mileage, power, engine, full service history, colours, features, comments and more! believes in creating long-term partnerships with our clients/audience, enabling us to provide innovative solutions and an unsurpassed user experience. We are committed to service excellence, and we are continuously innovating and evolving as a business to present the ideal offering to any buyer visiting

Please feel free to get in touch with us on with any questions or suggestions.

The team.